Blockchain & Smartcontracts

BCS has invested in people, technology and processes to understand how blockchain technology can improve business operations. We help our customers develop strategies to take advantage of distributed ledger underpinning blockchain technology. Through our partnership with leading emerging players, we can help provide a full suite of consulting and technical support to shorten time to market, improve efficiency and unlock new revenue streams.


  • Workshop
    Conduct executive workshop on blockchain, its potential applications, relevance to business & potential impact.
  • Technology Consulting
    Define blockchain platform strategy to address use case, security, scalability, privacy and operational demands.

Blockchain Lab

  • Co-innovation
    End to end partner in blockchain experimentation programs enabling joint development of solutions in an interactive manner.
  • Ideation Engagements
    Ideate, evaluate and shortlist use cases for blockchain experimentations.
  • Pilot Projects
    Launch pilot projects that can prove the business value and technology impact.

Custom Development

  • Blockchain Applications
    Architecture & Design services, Blockchain app development, performance and scalability testing and roll-out production releases.

Our Expertise

To understand how our Blockchain experts can assist you,