Aviation & Travel

BCS is one of the forefront leaders in aviation and travel solutions spanning over all of Asia-Pacific. Part of the problem in the aviation industry is that a single solution does not exist that can help with the everyday part of the travel experience. At BCS, we are committed to providing the best quality IT services and applications that are innovative while increasing revenue and reducing cost. We take aviation consulting to holistic heights, delivering original solutions that best fit the need of your company and its clients. BCS guarantees the delivery of ground-breaking travel ideas and services backed up by our 16 years of expertise in the business.


BCS Technology has over 15 years of experience developing and maintaining digital solutions across various industries. Our team of digital gurus delivers digital solutions in existing and emerging technologies for some of the biggest brands in the industry. BCS expertise in Aviation & Travel, Financial Services, Health and Media industries allows us to combine domain knowledge with technology expertise. Our approach to delivering solutions is based on speed to market, innovation, flexibility and cost effectiveness.

Data Analytics

BCS Technology has a deep history in Analytics having delivered data driven solutions for customers across the globe. We collaborate with our clients throughout their digital maturity journey beginning with their data foundation on a big data platform to building actionable data visualizations and solving business critical problems using data science. Our team of seasoned data experts can help combine technology and data expertise to deliver solutions that drive revenue, reduce costs and minimise risk.

Cloud Services

New technologies are disrupting business processes at a rapid pace, therefore you either keep up or will need to catch up. In this transformative age, a cloud-first approach can offer the agility and flexibility to outperform competitors. With Microsoft Azure integrated cloud services, you have the freedom to build and deploy wherever you want, using the tools, applications, and frameworks of your choice. Our team of trained and certified Azure consultants can help you with cloud adoption.


BCS has invested in the people, technology, and processes to understand how blockchain technology can improve business operations. We help our customers develop strategies to take advantage of distributed ledger and blockchain technology. We can help provide a full suite of consulting and technical support, in partnership with leading emerging players, to shorten time to market, improving efficiency and unlocking new revenue streams.

Our Partners